Well, we finally did it! Hahaha. When I first started my YouTube Channel almost 2 years ago as a hobby, I was just doing it for fun and didn’t really have any high expectations. I just set out to meet some new people, start new friendhships, help out as many anglers as possible, and have some fun in the process! My vision was simple but intentional, and I am thankful for every one of you that has joined the journey along the way!

I have done my best to learn quickly all things social media and video editing, and I am definitely still a work in progress. The YouTube world was something entirely new to me, and I am not at all ashamed to admit that I was a complete novice 2 years ago when I entered the social media realm. Blogging is something else that I just flat out suck at! Lol. Obviously I have not been posting regularly, which I intend to change in the near future; but I have been extremely busy at work this winter and the little bit of free time I have had has been used to edit fishing footage left over from 2018. So your continued patience and support is much appreciated! I hope to use this blog more not only to interact with you all, but to also share useful fishing tips and advice.

I also intend to do more educational and tutorial based videos on my YouTube Channel as well. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, we have surpassed 1,000 subscribers! Due to the generosity of some of the friends I have literally made through my JKC endeavor, 4 REALLY NICE musky lures were donated as part of my 1K Subscriber Giveaway. These were top quality, custom made lures that you cannot get anywhere else. Along with a JKC hat, I was so excited to give back to you guys to say “thanks” for following my channel. Beyond just giveaways, I hope to share my fishing knowledge through my channel in order to help you catch more fish and hopefully BIG fish! So stay stuned and please keep sharing my channel with anyone you know in the fishing community. You can click the link below to see the items that were provided for my giveaway. Spring is almost here y’all! Just Keep Casting!!!