So where have I been for the past 3 months? Have I been doing any fishing? Why haven’t I posted in so long? First let me say that I’M SORRY! It has been an insanely hectic fall for me. My 3rd child was born in August (Willow Rae – she’s amazing), and things really picked up at work as well. I actually didn’t throw a single cast for muskies for almost 3 months! Yeah, that was tough; but fortunately going into October I was finally able to get after my favorite fish!

I proceeded to go on a pretty amazing streak that more than made up for my lack of musky fishing over the summer. I don’t have the time to tell the story of each fish or to post all of the pics, but just go to my YouTube Channel and you will be able to see the action of EACH FISH as I finish up editing the last couple episodes here in the coming weeks. The river was absolutely on fire as soon as our first real cold weather showed up here in Wisconsin for the fall, and I had a streak where I caught about 9 muskies in under12 hours of total fishing over a 13 day period; including my HEAVIEST FISH of the year! You can see that fish in Part 3 of my “Small Baits for Fall Muskies” series, a 5 part series with lots of great fall musky action on really small tackle!

Aside from my river series and a few other bonus river fish I caught here recently as first ice was already upon us, I also wrapped up the FIRST SEASON of Musky Battle! Leg 2 was extremely close on the Mad-Chain and it came down to the wire! We boated a fish on Team JKC in the last hour to keep it close. We also had quite the amazing finish on Lake Saint Clair for Leg 3, and we had TWO surprise GUESTS in SB Fishing TV and Nattie Up North! It was great meeting them and being able to fish with Matt from SB Fishing. We had 5 boats and 15 musky anglers total! Go watch that episode now to see who won and became the first ever Musky Battle Champs! Stay tuned for Musky Battle 2019, it’s going to be epic as we are planning to add a few other new teams!

Christmas is just days away and I’ve got some editing to do, but I still might have at least one more day to sneak out after muskies before the season closes on December 31st! I’m praying for one last little warm up, wish me luck ya’ll and like always – JUST KEEP CASTING! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! BIG FISH await in 2019…